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One Name, Represented by Superior Brands

When audiophiles are looking for top-quality audio brands in Palm Desert, CA, there is one name they can trust: HARMAN luxury audio.

One Name, Represented by Superior Brands

When audiophiles are looking for top-quality audio brands in Palm Desert, CA, there is one name they can trust: HARMAN luxury audio.

JBL Logo
JBL Synthesis delivers unprecedented music and cinema sound using a combination of groundbreaking technologies in their audio decoders, surround processors, equalizers, power amplifiers and loudspeakers.
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Loudspeakers may steal the show in Hi-Fi high fidelity audio setups, but it is the premium-quality electronics that convert both your analog and digital source material using the latest audio formats into perfectly balanced, accurate, smooth sounds. See how JBL Synthesis uses the world’s best surround preamplifers, digital signal processors, equalizers and amplifiers to produce this robust audio.
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    Surround Processor Preamplifier

    This luxury audio processor provides the ultimate performance from today’s 16, 24 or 32 channels object based immersive 3D audio formats from Auro, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and 4K Ultra HD HDR video processing to optimize sound from Blu-rays, Kaleidescape video and music servers and your favorite streaming Application services.
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    When using an end-to-end digital connection these amplifiers provide low distortion and high power from a compact efficient chassis while delivering superb sonic quality.
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    JBL Synthesis line of SDEC high-performance 24-bit 96kHz parametric EQ can apply equalization to all main, center, surround speakers and subwoofers in a system offering the most advanced audio optimization capabilities available making each private home theater, editing or screening room system better than anything you’ve ever heard at the cinema.


From the midcentury modern inspired Classic Series, iconic Professional Studio Monitors to the contemporary HDI Series and sophisticated Summit Series or built-in flush mount SCL Synthesis Custom Loudspeakers and Invisible Conceal Series all JBL Synthesis loudspeaker models are designed in JBL’s world-famous Northridge California acoustic engineering facility with cutting-edge technology and engineering for unrivaled performance.
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    Studio Monitors

    Ready to experience sonic intensity? Power your sound with this series, built around their large cone woofers and patented compression drivers.
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    HDI Series

    This flagship series features high-definition imaging technology and patented compression drivers available in floor standing models, subwoofer and center channel speakers.
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    Classic Series

    Take your home back to the midcentury modern era with this line commemorating JBL’s 75th anniversary with clean lines, bold geometric shapes and vintage teak-wood while showcasing cutting-edge technology.
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    SSL / SSW

    For sound that looks discreet, choose from the SSL/SSW line, which tucks discreetly into ceilings and walls. Clean, powerful sound wherever you turn.
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    Summit Series

    Defined by its smooth and wide frequency response, the Summit Series is known for its exquisite lows and highs. See how pure-beryllium diaphragms give you quality you can hear.
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    Conceal Series

    Experience what you can’t see with JBL’s outstanding Conceal Series featuring compressed molded baffles and an outer skin that you can paint or wallpaper over to match the surrounding wall.
Revel Logo
Experience your favorite recordings like never before. Unleash greater warmth, detail and power from your audio set up through their high-performance electronics ranging from analog turntables and digital streaming compact disc CD sources to integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers and power amplifiers.
Wooden bar and game room with Crestron Technology

Feel the harmony throughout your home

Immerse yourself in sound

  • Streaming CD Players

    Give your CDs a fresh listen with the modern, attractive No 519 Digital Streaming Audio Player. This multi-format CD player lets you stream wired or wireless tracks. It features a Precision Link Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and Clari-Fi®.
  • Preamplifiers

    Hear audio signals exactly as intended with renowned preamps like the No 526. Digital-to-analog converters add clarity and precision to every note, even at higher volumes. You can use it for streaming and compressed music, too!
  • Integrated Amplifiers

    Experience 250 watts per channel while unlocking the power and emotion from your recordings and relaying it to your speakers. Mark Levinson amplifiers feature meticulous circuit design for high-precision audio and flawless audio nuance.
  • Amplifiers

    Lexicon amplifiers use HARMAN’s luxury audio patented DriveCore amplifier technology to power sound across multiple rooms with minimal rack space in your Palm Desert or San Diego, CA home. The DD-8 and DD-8+ both offer 8 channels of 125 Watt sound wherever you need it.
  • Turntables

    Dust off your vinyl collection! Our turntable’s cartridge and stylus don’t miss a single nuance of your favorite tracks, unveiling the nuanced beauty of every groovy note. This aluminum stunner is sure to impress party guests, too!
Revel Logo
Born from thousands of hours of painstaking research and development work, each Revel speaker unveils new standards of audio quality. Since 1996, they’ve crafted, tested and innovated -- designing a zenith in audio accuracy. Revel graces us with high-design models with a modern edge, including some speakers that can handle anything the outdoors throws at them. Explore why Revel produces the World’s Finest Loudspeakers.
Wooden bar and game room with Crestron Technology

Engineered by Science, Made for Art

Revel in the difference each Revel detail makes

  • Floorstanding Speakers
    Floorstanding Speakers
    Tall, stately floorstanding speaker models by Revel deliver attractive design and impeccable performance. Choose from favorites like the Salon2, the F36 or many others, all built for people who want to show off their sound proudly.
  • Bookshelf Speakers
    Bookshelf Speakers
    Bookshelf speakers offer the perfect middle ground between floor speakers and in-wall or in-ceiling options, making them an ideal choice for midsized rooms. The M16 and Gem2 are two renowned bookshelf models.
  • Center Channel
    Center Channel
    Your center channel speaker takes the main stage in your surround sound configuration, so you deserve the best available. Revel’s Voice2 is widely renowned as the best center channel loudspeaker available.
  • Surround Speakers
    Surround Speakers
    Home theaters shine with surround-sound speakers. For sound that follows the action and immerses you in it, we highly suggest speakers beyond the front left, right, center and subwoofer setup. Surround speakers drop you into the scene through a wide soundstage and crystal-clear immersive sound.
  • Subwoofers
    Give bass the attention it deserves, and instantly add impact to any musical score or action scene. Revel subwoofers, like the powerful 800-watt B10, provide clear, dynamic low frequency response. Invest in great bass that moves you.
  • On-Wall Speakers
    On-Wall Speakers
    On-wall speakers are ideal for extending the soundstage in surround sound environments while freeing up floor space. These compact models provide a wide frequency range and low distortion ideal for boosting movie soundtracks.
  • In-Wall Speakers
    In-Wall Speakers
    In-wall speakers give you beautiful sound from a semi-hidden source. Streamline your whole theater or any other space where you want to add audio, no visible equipment required. Choose from models with both concealed and visible horns and drivers.
  • In-Ceiling Speakers
    In-Ceiling Speakers
    Perfect for audiophiles who want discreet sound sources, for minimalist design fans or cinephiles embracing 3-D surround sound, these in-ceiling speakers accommodate those who don’t want to sacrifice space or sound quality.
  • Extreme Climate
    Extreme Climate
    Weather -- whether rain or heat, cold or wind -- is no match for Revel’s weatherproof Extreme Climate line. This unique series offers attractive bollards, loudspeakers, satellite speakers and buried subwoofers to extend sound quality to your whole yard.
    Arcam Logo
    Arcam’s mission is “to bring the best possible sound into people’s lives” through expertly engineered electronics that ensure hyper-realistic sound from movies or music recordings. Their receivers, preamplifiers, surround processors and amplifiers power the hi-fi systems of today and tomorrow.
    Wooden bar and game room with Crestron Technology

    Start at the Source of Your Sound

    Browse the Best in Audio Equipment!


    Your home audio success begins with your processor. Decode and listen to Dolby Atmos Surround, DTS:X, IMAX-Enhanced and more.


    Get multiple channels of sound and Class G amplification with Arcam’s unprecedented lineup of power amplifiers.


    Audiophile listening experiences are yours to enjoy with Arcam receivers that can deliver up to 16-channels of Dirac audio calibration.
    Lexicon Logo
    For 40+ years, Harman’s Lexicon brand has passed the scrutiny of audio recording and mixing engineers and audiophiles music enthusiasts alike. Because they are the trusted brand of musicians, vocal singers and recording artists, Lexicon has created 80% of the world’s recorded music.
    Wooden bar and game room with Crestron Technology

    Born in and for the world’s best studios

    Something more for your audio setup

    • Amplifiers

      Lexicon amplifiers use HARMAN’s patented DriveCore amplifier technology to power sound across multiple rooms with minimal rack space. The DD-8 and DD-8+ both offer 8 channels of 125 Watt sound wherever you need it.
    • Processors

      The Lexicon MC-10 ensures meeting all your sonic needs through a 24Bit 192kHz DAC, Dirac room correction and equalization, exceptional dynamics and low distortion. Powerful, smooth sounds guaranteed for every listening need.
    • Receivers

      The Lexicon RV-6 and RV-9 bring Class G Immersive Surround Sound, Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X 3D sound processing along with intuitive acoustic adjustment technology, for full, distortion-free audio.

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