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Explore the difference of premium-quality Samsung TV

What do you associate with the word “TV”? Whether you think of hours-long movie marathons with the family or sports-watching sessions with friends, Samsung TV displays delight with 4K and 8K imagery, superior colors and brightness.

Explore the difference of premium-quality Samsung TV

What do you associate with the word “TV”? Whether you think of hours-long movie marathons with the family or sports-watching sessions with friends, Samsung TV displays delight with 4K and 8K imagery, superior colors and brightness.

The Wall

The standard bearer in microLED technology, The Wall offers stunning visuals and equally seamless operation. View video content in unrivaled color, exquisite detail and the purest blacks for the ultimate viewing experience in both business and luxury home applications in the Palm Desert, California areas.

Unleash Best-in-Class Video

Achieve larger-than-live images with modular microLEDs.

  • Samsung Unprecedented Color Representation

    Unprecedented Color

    Reproduce lifelike images with an extensive color gamut
    Optimize your picture quality with microLED technology featuring two times the color purity of traditional LED solutions. Natural, vibrant colors are yours for the taking with the Wall’s inherent color qualities that help any detail come to life.
  • Samsung TV in a white wall

    Pure Black

    Low light absorption delivers the truest black of any display
    Normal LED displays reflect ambient lighting, often washing out any black colors. Designed with an ultra-black base and ultra-low reflection technology, The Wall’s patented MicroLED technology absorbs light for unparalleled contrast and color depth.
  • Samsung TV in a dark room

    Transformative Technology

    Picture-perfect quality made possible with cutting-edge processor
    Industry-leading picture quality engines take advantage of individually controlled microLEDs to deliver HDR10+, a supremely accurate grayscale, and peak brightness. Leveraging its mighty processing power, the Wall offers HDR picture refinement to match any environment.

    Tailor Made Designs

    Have greater flexibility on the size and shape of your display using The Wall’s modular design. Each module is easy to place and adjust to build your dream structure.

    Flawless Design

    Each module in The Wall blends seamlessly into the next to create one grand display. A slim build and flush surface make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

    Reliable Performance

    The Wall is water and dust resistant with a robust build that even includes shock-resistant technology—all while remaining energy efficient for long lasting success.

    Micro LED

    The next generation of luxury entertainment is here with Samsung’s MicroLED TV which combines a sleek design with lifelike video resolution. This master class in display technology offers unparalleled contrast, brightness, and detail in sizes up to 110 inches.

    Opt For the Ultimate Luxury

    Unveil the best most advanced TV technology available.

    Samsung MicroLED TV representation

    A New Approach to LED Technology

    Not only does the MicroLED TV feature LEDs that are 99% percent smaller than conventional ones, but it also does not rely on backlighting or color filters. The result is new standards in both detail and contrast to bring your movies and shows to life.
    Samsung MicroLED image composition

    Stellar Quality Through MICRO Contrast

    Delve into the deepest blacks and brightest whites with the MicroLED display. Each pixel is individually controlled for pinpoint accuracy. Now you’ll be able to watch the darkest scenes of a horror movie or the bright lights of midday matches.
    Samsung MicroLED Color Representation

    Harness the Power of MICRO Color

    The individually controlled pixels also make naturally vibrant colors possible. Invoke the entire color spectrum for images in their purest form. Optimal color quality dazzles the eye whether watching a sunset or the latest blockbuster explosion.
    Samsung MicroLED Realism Representation

    Strive for Realism in Every Frame

    Add texture and dimension to every scene with MICRO HDR technology which uses advanced gradations to master realism. Once you deploy this feature you’ll see every detail with realistic depth that makes it seem like you’re looking out of a window.
    Samsung Micro AI Processor representation

    AI Delivers Picture Perfect Quality

    How does each individual pixel know what to do in each shot? It’s Samsung’s MICRO AI processor that directs the microLEDs to catch every detail and optimize contrast–all without sacrificing any brightness or color saturation.


    Samsung’s OLED TV technology continues to set the standard for residential displays. View your favorite content in crystal clear quality while enjoying a sleek design and low power consumption through the power of 8.3 million pixels when you work with a Samsung dealer in the Palm Desert, California areas.

    Enhance Your Entertainment

    View images in limitless contrast for a cinematic feel.

    Samsung 4K Upscaling Representation

    Excellent 4K Upscaling

    Revamp your existing content with Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor which uses 20 AI powered neural networks to upscale content.
    Samsung Exceptional Color Quality Representation

    Exceptional Color Quality

    You will be able to take in every single detail with Quantum HDR OLED technology which makes colors leap off the screen.
    Samsung TV in an open balcony

    Immersive Surround Sound

    Enjoy three-dimensional sound with Dolby Atmos and object tracking audio technology built right into the display’s speakers.

    Sleek LaserSlim Design

    Reduce clutter with a thin display ideal for luxury home environments. Perfect for any application due to its minimalistic bezel and side profile.
    Samsung TV in a modern black and wood furniture

    Instant Access to Content

    Get all your favorite entertainment at your fingertips with the Samsung Smart Hub with personalized access to the top video streaming apps.
    Woman practicing Yoga in an online class viewed in a Samsung TV

    High-Performance Gaming Hub

    Gaming Hub lets you stream your favorite Xbox games without the need for a console—just pair it with your go-to cloud gaming service.
    Man holding a remote watching a Samsung TV

    Smooth Action-Packed Frames

    Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ feature allows for 4K content at 120Hz to eliminate blur and lag during action movies, sports or gaming.
    Samsung Micro AI Processor Representation

    Comfortable Viewing All Day

    EyeComfort Mode adapts the display’s brightness based on time of day while reducing blue light to avoid straining your eyes while viewing.

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