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Enjoy Cleaner, Safer Water at Every Tap

Do You Really Know What’s in the Water You Use and Drink at Home?

Poor federal drinking water standards or foul tastes and odors may urge you to buy bottled water or consumer filters for peace of mind, but these convenient alternatives don’t eliminate everything. You should be able to use and drink water you can trust and live without environmental boundaries with advanced whole-home nanofiltration and point-of-use water purification system solutions in your Palm Desert, CA home.

Hundreds of toxic substances exist in U.S. drinking water systems.
Most bottled waters contain micro-plastic synthetic polymer particles.
Common consumer water filters fail to eliminate bacteria and viruses.
Up to 110 million people in the U.S. may be drinking PFAS-tainted water.

3 Components for Automating Water Quality

Smart technology makes it easier than ever to identify, track and remove harmful contaminants in your water for complete peace of mind. What’s more, an automated water purification system tracks how much water you use so you can make smarter, greener decisions about your water consumption in Palm Desert, CA.

1. Monitor

An intelligent water filtration and monitoring system assesses the performance of your filters and purifiers and lets you know when they need replacing. It also tracks when water is being used and where, creates reports on water quality and use over time, alerts you to leaks and more.

2. Control

Use the insights from your water usage reports to make smarter decisions about how you consume your water. Additionally, use an intuitive mobile app to remotely shut off your water should you receive an alert that there’s a leak or your water has been left on for too long.

3. Purify

Point-of-use purification systems automatically deliver safe and healthy water for drinking or cooking from any tap. These advanced water purifiers use reverse osmosis—the most efficient purification method—to remove contaminants as small as .0001 micron.

Elements of Water Filtration

Many home water filters present a false sense of security by filtering some large particles and chlorine or chloramine to make your water taste better. However, they leave behind an invisible cocktail of contaminants such as PFAS/PFOS (forever chemicals), lead, arsenic or even bacteria in some cases because they aren’t certified to remove them. Advanced NSF/ANSI-certified point-of-entry and point-of-use systems will remove up to 99.7% of waterborne impurities for peace-of-mind with every turn of the faucet.

Particle Filtration

Just because your water looks, feels and tastes clean doesn’t mean it’s safe to consume. Common at-home water filters stop at microfiltration, allowing smaller, harmful particles to pass through and live in your water. These toxins are linked to cancer, impaired brain development and other health issues.
  • <10μm

    Particle filtration eliminates large contaminants that range between 1 and 1000 microns, such as pollen, hair and sand.
  • <2.5μm

    Microfiltration eliminates contaminants that range between 0.1 and 1 micron, such as coal and microplastics.
  • <1μm

    Ultrafiltration eliminates contaminants that range between .01 and 0.1 micron, such as proteins, viruses and nano-plastics.
  • <0.1μm

    Nanofiltration eliminates contaminants that range between .001 and .01 micron, such as synthetic dye and pharmaceutical residues.
  • <0.1μm

    Reverse Osmosis
    Reverse osmosis technology eliminates contaminants that range between .0001 and .001 micron, such as hormones and heavy metals.

    Leave Nothing Behind with Advanced Purification

    Because many consumer filters stop at microfiltration, your water could be home to harmful contaminants such as lead, arsenic, mercury and viruses. Your choice of water filtration matters. Put your health first with an advanced nanofiltration and reverse osmosis purification system.
    Wash Hands

    Whole House Water Filtration

    Advanced whole-house water filtration systems filter water at the point of entry, ensuring the water you use for laundry, dishwashing, bathing and more is free from impurities like water-borne lead and PFAS. They also condition your water to extend the life of your water-bearing appliances, faucets and fixtures. Plus, they’re landfill safe, which means the contaminants that are filtered out of the water can’t recontaminate the environment! Our professional-grade water treatment solutions also help reduce indoor air pollution! The cleaner your water, the fewer evaporative toxins that are released into the air when you’re cooking, cleaning or showering. You’ll also greatly reduce your use of chemical cleaners to scrub away any water buildup.

    Smart Programming

    Custom programmable filtration systems feature metered regeneration for improved water quality and learn softening capacity based on unique usage profiles

    High Capacity

    Perfect for large-capacity water filtration needs, whole-home filtration systems have an expected lifespan of 12 months and treat up to 140,000 gallons of water

    High Flow

    Advanced whole-home filtration systems deliver breakthrough flow rates and treatment efficiency without compromising water pressure
    Water Intelligence

    Water Intelligence

    Take peace of mind a step further by pairing advanced water filtration and purification with smart technology. An integrated water monitoring system allows you to track the quality and use of your water so you can rest assured your water is pure and you’re only using what you need.
    Intelligent water detection solutions alert you the second a leak is detected—whether it’s a pinhole leak or frozen pipe burst. Receive notifications when point-of-use purifiers need to be replaced or if you leave water on too long, remotely run plumbing checks to assess water pressure levels and view detailed reports that show your water usage over time by individual water fixtures.

    Water Efficiency

    Did you know that homes are 10x more likely to be damaged by a water leak than by fire? Intelligent water detection solutions go beyond water tracking and reporting by helping you prevent leak damage, conserve water and reduce expenses.

    Protect Your Home

    Take advantage of automatic shutoff technology, which immediately turns off your water from point-of-entry in the event of a leak—even when you’re not home.

    Preserve Your Water

    U.S. households waste over 1 trillion gallons of water every year. Live greener by closely monitoring how much water you use each hour, day, month or year.

    Reduce Your Expenses

    Receive leak detector discounts from your insurance provider and avoid catastrophic property damage with real-time alerts that notify you of any size leak.

    Improve Water Quality and Usage the Smarter Way

    Interested in learning more about advanced whole-house water purification and monitoring solutions for your home? Click below to take the next step!

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